16.4 Editing Associations

The Association Utility requires two parameters (oldRDN and newRDN) for operations 6 and 7, which search and replace.

The first value (for example, schema) in the parameter is the search criterion. The second value (for example, old) is the replacement value. Under certain scenarios, you can use the wildcard character * to generalize the search criterion or replacement value.

Three types of search and replace operations are possible:




Replace the schema name

Replace schema old with schema new. Wildcards are supported on the right side only.

oldRDN: schema=old newRDN: schema=new

Replace the table name

Replace table old with table new. Wildcards are not supported.

oldRDN: table=old newRDN: table=new

Replace the column name

Replace column old with column new. Wildcards are required on the right side, but they aren’t supported on the left side.

oldRDN: old=* newRDN: new=*