5.1 Using Designer to Import

The example .xml configuration file creates and configures the Identity Manager objects needed for the sample driver to work properly. The configuration file also includes example policies that you can customize.

The following procedure explains one of several ways to import the example configuration file:

  1. Open a project in Designer.

  2. In the Modeler, right-click the Driver Set object, then select New > Driver.

  3. From the drop-down list, select IDM Driver for JDBC 3.5.1, then click Run.

  4. Configure the driver by filling in the fields.

    Specify information specific to your environment. See Table 5-1.

  5. After specifying parameters, click Finish to import the driver.

  6. Test the driver.

  7. Deploy the driver into the Identity Vault.

    See Deploying a Driver to an Identity Vault in the Designer 2.1 for Identity Manager 3.5.1 guide.