N.5 Log Level

Each driver set and each driver has a log level field where you can define the level of errors that should be tracked. The level you indicate here determines which messages are available to the logs. By default, the log level is set to track error messages. (This also includes fatal messages.) To track additional message types, change the log level.

NovellĀ® recommends that you use Novell Audit instead of setting the log levels. See the Identity Manager 3.5.1 Logging and Reporting guide.

In iManager:

  1. Click Identity Manager > Identity Manager Overview, then click Search to search for the driver set that is associated with the driver.

  2. Browse to the driver, then click the upper right corner of the driver icon.

  3. Click Edit Properties > Log Level.

In Designer:

  1. Open a project in the Modeler.

  2. Right-click the driver line, then select Properties > Driver Log Level.



    Use log settings from the DriverSet

    If this is selected, the driver logs events as the options are set on the Driver Set object.

    Log errors

    Logs just errors

    Log errors and warnings

    Logs errors and warnings

    Log specific events

    Logs the events that are selected. Click the icon to see a list of the events.

    Only update the last log time

    Updates the last log time.

    Logging off

    Turns logging off for the driver.

    Turn off logging to DriverSet, Subscriber and Publisher logs

    If selected, turns all logging off for this driver on the Driver Set object, Subscriber channel, and the Publisher channel.

    Maximum number of entries in the log (50-500)

    Number of entries in the log. The default value is 50.