N.10 Misc

Allows you to add a trace level to your driver. With the trace level set, DSTrace displays the Identity Manager events as the Metadirectory engine processes the events. The trace level affects only the driver it is set for. Use the trace level for troubleshooting issues with the driver when the driver is deployed. DSTrace displays the output of the specified trace level.

In iManager:

  1. Click Identity Manager > Identity Manager Overview, then click Search to search for the driver set that is associated with the driver.

  2. Browse to the driver, then click the upper right corner of the driver icon.

  3. Click Edit Properties > Misc.

In Designer:

  1. Open a project in the Modeler.

  2. Right-click the driver line, then select Properties > Trace.



    Trace level

    Increases the amount of information displayed in DSTrace. Trace level 1 shows errors, but not the cause of the errors. If you want to see password synchronization information, set the trace level to 5.

    Trace file

    When a value is set in this field, all Java information for the driver is written to the file. The value for this field is the path for that file.

    As long as the file is specified, Java information is written to this file. If you do not need to debug Java, leave this field blank.

    Trace file size limit

    Allows you to set a limit for the Java trace file. If you set the file size to Unlimited, the file grows in size until there is no disk space left.

    Trace name

    Driver trace messages are prepended with the value entered in this field.

    Use setting from Driver Set

    This option is only available in Designer. It allows the driver to use the same setting that is set on the Driver Set object.