13.10 Logical Operations

Because it is not generally possible to mix DML and DDL statements in a single transaction, a single event can consist of one or more transactions. You can use the jdbc:op-id and jdbc:op-type to group multiple transactions together into a single logical operation. When so grouped, all members of the operation are handled as a single unit with regard to status. If one member has an error, all members return the same status level. Similarly, all members share the same status type.

<input xmlns:jdbc="urn:dirxml:jdbc">
    <add class-name="usr" jdbc:op-id="0" 
        <add-attr name="fname">
        <add-attr name="lname">
    <jdbc:statement jdbc:op-id="0">
        <jdbc:sql>CREATE USER jdoe IDENTIFIED BY {$$password}

The jdbc:op-type attribute is ignored on all elements except the first element in a logical operation.