2.0 Installing the Driver for JDBC

This section assumes that you have already installed the Metadirectory engine (and, most likely, other drivers) on the server and need to install only the JDBC driver. See Installing Identity Manager in the Identity Manager 3.5.1 Installation Guide.

Typically, an Identity Manager installation installs all drivers, including the JDBC driver, at the same time that the Metadirectory engine is installed. If the JDBC driver wasn’t installed at that time, you can install the driver separately. The schema won’t be extend during this driver install because the Identity Manager installation already extended it when the Metadirectory engine was installed.

IMPORTANT:Novell recommends installing or uninstalling driver configurations and database scripts as a unit. To prevent unintentional mismatching, database scripts and driver configurations contain headers with a version number, the target database name, and the database version.

For information on uninstalling the driver, see Section 3.0, Uninstalling the IDM Driver for JDBC