15.38 Option to Start iFolder During System Login Does Not Work in the iFolder Client for SLED 11

For iFolder clients on SLED 11, if you leave iFolder running and log out of the system, iFolder does not start as expected during system reboot.

As a workaround, you must add iFolder to the list of startup programs:

  1. Click the Gnome Control Center.

  2. Click Systems > Sessions.

  3. In the Sessions dialog box, click the Startup Programs tab.

    You can also open the Sessions dialog box from the command terminal by typing the command gnome-session-properties.

  4. To add iFolder to the list of startup programs, click Add and browse to the location where the iFolder executable is available.

    IMPORTANT:The iFolder client executable is present in /opt/novell/ifolder3/bin.

  5. Click OK and then click Close to close the Sessions dialog box.