1.3 Enterprise Server Sharing

The iFolder client included in this release supports synchronization across multiple computers through a central iFolder enterprise server.

  • Users can share files across computers.

  • Users can share files with other users or groups.

  • Each user can own multiple iFolders.

  • User are allowed to set the encryption policy for their individual iFolder files.

  • Each user can participate in multiple iFolders owned by other users.

  • Files can be synchronized via the central server at any time and with improved availability, reliability, and performance.

  • Data is transferred encrypted over the wire.

  • Users are provisioned automatically for iFolder services based on their assignment to administrator-specified LDAP containers and groups. If there are multiple servers participating in a single domain, its users are balanced across the servers.

  • A list of iFolder users is synchronized at regular intervals with the LDAP directory services.

  • Local files are automatically backed up to the server at regular intervals and on demand.

  • iFolder data on the server can be backed up to backup media and restored.

  • Administrators can manage the iFolder system, user accounts, and user iFolders using the iFolder 3 Web Admin.