Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides the frequently asked questions about iPrint Chrome Extension for Chromebook users:

1.0 What is Micro Focus iPrint Chrome Extension?

Micro Focus iPrint extension enhances the capabilities of your Chromebook to securely print any document to any printer that is connected to the iPrint server.

Supports on-premises deployment. The data never travels through cloud. You no longer need a cloud printer for printing.

2.0 What is the iPrint Appliance version supported with this extension?

This extension is supported with iPrint Appliance 2.1 or later.

3.0 How do I install printers?

On the iPrint Printer Installation page, click a printer name to install that printer. The list of installed printers are displayed in the Printers tab of the iPrint extension.

4.0 Why do I receive an error, “Your Connection is not private”?

This error is displayed when your administrator has not added the security certificate to the iPrint server and the server is presenting a self-signed certificate. You must trust the certificate to continue with the process.

To trust the certificate, click View Details > Advanced > Proceed. After accepting the certificate, click the printers you want to install in this extension.

5.0 How do I print?

iPrint seamlessly integrates with your print environment. For example, on Chromebook, the keyboard combination of Ctrl +P opens the print window and displays the list of printers added to the iPrint extension.

6.0 Why do I receive an error, “Internal Server Error”?

This error might occur due to some issues with the printer or the iPrint server. To resolve the issue, contact your administrator.

7.0 Why do I receive an error, “Printing failed due to an error in Chrome”?

This error is displayed when Chrome fails to display the printing options. To resolve this issue, perform the following:

  1. In the printing window, change the Destination to Save as PDF. All the printing options are now visible.

  2. Change the Destination to your required printer.

  3. Verify the printing options and click Print.

8.0 Why do I receive an error, “Printing failed, please check your printer and try again.”?

This error might occur due to ChromeBook unable to access the printer. To resolve the issue, contact your administrator.

9.0 How do I remove a printer?

Navigate to the Printers tab and hover the mouse on the printer name that you want to remove, then click Remove.

10.0 What is handled in the Credentials tab?

iPrint stores the credentials required for secure printing in the Credentials tab. Use this tab to update or clear the credentials for a server.

11.0 Are my credentials synced to my Google account?

No, the credentials are stored locally and not uploaded to cloud. The credentials are not accessible to any other user logging to the same Chromebook.

12.0 Why do I receive an error, “Authentication Failed”?

This error mostly occur if you have tried to authenticate to the iPrint server after changing your current password. The server expects you to specify the new password for the secure printers. To update the password, navigate to the Credentials tab and click Update Credentials for the server whose authentication has failed.

13.0 How do I give an enhancement request?

Visit the Idea Portal to suggest new enhancements or vote the existing ideas listed in the portal.