8.14 Subscribing to a Folder Entry

If you are particularly interested in a specific folder entry, you can subscribe to that entry. When you subscribe to an entry, Kablink Vibe notifies you of any activity that takes place in the entry.

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the entry that you want to subscribe to, then click Subscribe.


    Navigate to and open the entry that you want to subscribe to, then in the Footer toolbar of the entry, click Subscribe to This Entry.

    The Subscribe dialog box is displayed.

  2. Continue with Section 2.15.3, Selecting Notification Types and Delivery Destinations.

  3. Select the type of email notification that you want to receive, then click OK.

For more information on subscribing to entries, see Section 2.15, Subscribing to a Folder or Entry.

For Blog entries, you can use the Blog toolbar to subscribe to the entry. For information on using the Blog toolbar, see Using the Blog Toolbar.