B.2 You Have Exceeded Your Data Quota and Cannot Add Any Files or Attachments to the Vibe Site

Problem: When you try to add files and attachments to the Kablink Vibe site, you are unable to do so because you have exceeded your data quota.

You can remove superfluous files and attachments that are counting toward your data quota by deleting items that you have previously moved to the Trash. Workspaces, folders, and entries that do not contain attached documents do not count toward your data quota.

IMPORTANT:Items deleted from the Trash cannot be recovered. Before you delete an item from the Trash, verify that you no longer want this item to exist on the Vibe site.

  1. Navigate to the folder or workspace where you moved the items to the Trash that you now want to delete from the Vibe site.

  2. Click the Trash icon , located in the Navigation panel.

  3. Select the item that you want to delete.

  4. Click Delete > OK.

For more information about deleted items from the Trash, see Making Disk Space Available by Deleting Items from the Trash in the Kablink Vibe 4.0.1 Advanced User Guide.

For information on how to view your current disk space usage as it relates to your data quota, see Viewing Your Data Quota in the Kablink Vibe 4.0.1 Advanced User Guide.