8.20 Displaying Images in a Folder Entry

This section describes how to add images to the Description section of an entry. For information on how to attach images to an entry, see Section 8.16.2, Attaching Files to a Folder Entry.

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to post the image.

  2. Create a new folder entry by clicking the appropriate item in the Folder Entry toolbar. For example, to add a blog entry in the Blog folder, click New Blog Entry.


    Open an existing folder entry that you want to modify, then click Modify in the Entry toolbar.

    The Entry page is launched.

  3. In the Description section, click the Expand icon YouTube icon in the HTML editor, then click the Image icon YouTube icon.

  4. Select Upload an Image File, then click Choose File to select a file on your computer’s file system.


    Select Select an Attached Image File to select an image that is already attached to the folder or workspace. This image must already be added to the entry as an attachment. For information on how to create an entry attachment, see Section 8.16.2, Attaching Files to a Folder Entry.

  5. Click Insert.