7.7 Understanding Layout Options

Layout options can enhance the presentation of your workspace forms and views.

When you are adding layout options to a form, remember that you need to add the same layout options to the view in order for it to be displayed in the workspace.

You can add the following form layout options:

Box: Places a box around the specified elements.

Custom JSP: lets you reference a custom JSP from the Vibe directory.

Custom JSPs must be created by Vibe administrators before you can reference them, as described in Section 10.0, Using Custom JSP Files to Enhance Your Vibe Pages.

Divider: Displays a horizontal line between elements.

Expandable Area: Displays an expandable tree element.

Fieldset: Adds a box that can contain other elements.

Use this option if your form is exceptionally long.

HTML: Adds HTML formatting.

Landing Page Layout: (For the View Definition, the Landing Page Layout is in the Elements section.) Adds a landing page creation form that lets you create landing page elements that you can populate when you modify your workspace.

Three Column Table: lets you add elements within a three-column table.

Two Column Table: lets you add elements within a two-column table.