6.3 Configuring the Kanaka Plug-In

You must configure the Kanaka Plug-in so it can communicate with the server hosting the Kanaka Engine.

  1. Launch the Directory Utility.

  2. Select System Preferences > Users & Groups >Login Options > Network Account Server > Join > Open Directory Utility.

  3. Double-click the IP addresses or DNS hostnames.

  4. Specify the IP addresses of the Kanaka Engine servers.

    Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac does not support clusters, but you can install two engines with identical configurations and then add both servers to the Kanaka configuration. The macOS will attempt to connect to the servers in order. If the first one is down, it connects to the next one.

  5. Select SSL Port 3089.

    You can enter as many servers running Micro Focus Kanaka for Mac as you want.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click Apply.

    The Kanaka Plug-in is now configured and ready for use.