nwcopy (1)


nwcopy - Copies files and directories to and from Novell file systems.


nwcopy  [-f] [-c] [-s] -t <target_path> -p <source_path> [--] [-v] [-h]


The nwcopy utility allows you to copy files and directories to and from Novell file systems. Using nwcopy preserves Novell file system attributes.


-f, --force

Rewrites existing targets.

-c, --compress

Retains the Novell compression attribute if it is supported.

-s, --subdir

Traverses the subdirectories.

-t <string>, --target <string>

Specifies the target path where you want the files copied to.

-p <string>, --source <string>

Specifies the source path of the files you want to copy.

--, --ignore_rest

Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

-v, --version

Displays the version for the package that supplies the nwconnections utility.

-h, --help

Displays usage information and exits.


nwcopy -c -p . -t my_vol

Copies all files in the current working directory to my_vol (retaining Novell compression).

nwcopy -s -p my_vol -t your_vol

Recursively copies all files and directories from my_vol to your_vol.

nwcopy -f -p my_vol -t your_vol

Copies all files or directories from my_vol to your_vol and rewrites the existing targets.


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