NetIdentity Agent Overview

The NetIdentity agent works with eDirectoryTM authentication to provide background authentication to Windows* Web-based applications that require eDirectory authentication, such as iPrint, Novell® Portal Services, eGuide, Novell NetIdentity, ZENworks®, NetStorage, and iManager. NetIdentity provides a secure identity wallet on the workstation so that applications that require eDirectory authentication can access these credentials and bypass asking users for their usernames and passwords.

NOTE:  NetIdentity browser authentication is supported only by Windows Internet Explorer. It is not supported by Apple* or NetScape* Navigator*.

If the agent software is installed on the workstation and users authenticate to eDirectory through Novell ClientTM login or through a Web-based application that uses the NetIdentity agent, users will not be prompted to log in when opening another application that requires eDirectory authentication.

NOTE:  The Novell Client provides authentication credentials to NetIdentity but does not obtain authentication credentials from NetIdentity because it is not a Web-based application.

In order to take advantage of NetIdentity, you must have the NetIdentity agent installed on the workstations and the XTier framework installed on the NetWare® 6.5 servers in the tree that are associated with the host used in the URL for the Web-based applications. See Configuring Servers and Workstations.