Product Description

IT operations managers are under increasing pressure to control costs while delivering services at a faster pace than ever before. In the quest to get “more for less,” many IT professionals are exploring ways to automate time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks that increasingly occupy valuable and expensive IT staff resources.

Many enterprises seek to automate routine workflow practices at the level of specific tasks and procedures, sometimes referred to as run books. While run books represent proven manual processes, they are subject to human error and can be very expensive by wasting expert staff time on repetitive, menial tasks. Run books can also be abstract, representing “tribal knowledge” that resides with individuals. Tribal knowledge may not be accurately recorded and can be easily lost when individuals leave an organization.

At the same time, IT operations deal with an increasingly diverse and complex IT environment due to highly distributed operations and business acquisitions. Often, these operational environments contain many diverse tools. The lack of integration for these tools can hinder the ability to efficiently respond to events and conduct routine operational activities.

NetIQ designed Aegis from the ground up as an IT workflow automation platform, to enable the automation of IT run books and processes.


For more information please see the Aegis Documentation.