1.2 Logging Out of GroupWise Messenger

  1. Click File > Log Out.

Log Out logs you out of GroupWise Messenger but does not close the main window or exit GroupWise Messenger.

There are two other options on the main File menu: Close this Window closes the GroupWise Messenger window but leaves the Messenger Online Icon icon in the system tray for Windows and Linux, and leaves the Messenger Macintosh Icon icon on the dock for Macintosh. Exit logs you out of GroupWise Messenger, closes the GroupWise Messenger window, and removes the icon from the system tray for Windows and Linux, and from the dock on Macintosh.

If at any time your network or GroupWise Messenger connection is interrupted, you are logged out of GroupWise Messenger, but as soon as your connection is restored, you are logged back in. If you are in the middle of a conversation when this happens, the conversation can continue as soon as the connection is restored.