2.4 Holding a Group Conversation

You can hold instant messaging conversations with more than one user. Start a conversation with one user, then invite additional users to join.

  1. Double-click a user in your Contact List.


    Click Send a message, then find a user by following Step 2.

  2. Click the Expand arrow next to the user’s name with whom you are having a conversation.

  3. Click Invite others to join the conversation.

  4. Click a user (or Ctrl+click multiple users) in your Contact List, then click OK.


    Click Find User to search for users who are not in your Contact List. Follow Step 2.

You can also Ctrl+click multiple users in your Contact List and press Enter to begin a group conversation.

Each user who is invited to the conversation receives this message box:

Figure 2-2 Invitation To Conversation Message Box

If you cannot see the list of participants in this conversation, click Open Control Panel icon to open the Control Panel.

After a user accepts the invitation to join the conversation, he or she can send messages to the other participants. A user cannot see any messages that were sent before he or she joined the conversation, or after he or she leaves the conversation.