1.0 What Is Novell Messenger?

Novell® Messenger is a corporate, cross-platform instant messaging product that is based on Novell eDirectory™. Your Messenger system can be set up on NetWare®, Linux, or Windows*.

Messenger features include the following:

The server side of this product is called Novell Messenger, but the client side is called Novell GroupWise® Messenger because it has been customized to accompany the GroupWise product.

A Messenger system consists of three software components (Messaging Agent, Archive Agent, and Messenger snap-in to ConsoleOne®) and various eDirectory objects where Messenger configuration information is stored. This Messenger 2.0 Installation Guide lists system requirements, helps you plan and install your Messenger system, and describes the easiest way to distribute the GroupWise Messenger client software to users. The Novell Messenger 2.0 Administration Guide describes your Messenger system in detail and helps you configure and manage your Messenger system to meet your users’ needs.