Meet NNLS Installation Prerequisites

Install Only on Supported Linux Platforms

You should install NNLS only on one of the following platforms:

IMPORTANT:  These are the only Linux distributions that Novell officially supports for NNLS and the only platforms that can receive patches and updates through Novell's Red Carpet update channel.

Have an Active Internet Connection during the NNLS Installation

The Red Carpet daemon that provides the channel for product updates is automatically installed on each NNLS server and requires an active Internet connection at install time. If a connection is not found, the Red Carpet daemon cannot be properly configured.

Once you have internet connectivity, you must uninstall Red Carpet and then reinstall it to receive product updates.

Ensure You Meet All Hardware and Software Requirements

Prior to installing NNLS, ensure that your system meets the requirements outlined in the NNLS Planning Worksheet, specifically the requirements found in