1.1 Changing Configuration Options for the Filr Appliance

  1. Ensure that you have deployed the Novell Filr Appliance, as described in Configuring a Small Deployment for the First Time or Configuring a Large Deployment for the First Time, in the Novell Filr 1.1 Installation and Configuration Guide.

  2. Navigate to the following URL:


    Replace ip_address with the IP address of your Filr appliance.

  3. Sign in to the Filr appliance using the root user and the default password that you specified during the appliance installation.

    The Novell Filr Appliance landing page is displayed.

  4. Click the Filr Server Configuration icon.

    The Configuration page is displayed.

  5. In the Configuration column on the left side of the page, select the setting that you want to configure.

    The following configuration options are available. Click each option below for detailed information.

  6. Make any configuration changes, then click OK.

  7. Click Reconfigure Filr Server for your changes to take effect.

    NOTE:This stops and restarts your Filr server. Because this results in server downtime, you should restart the server at off-peak hours.