6.1 If You Are Evaluating Filr on NODS

Start the pre-configured virtual appliances on Novell Online Demonstration System (NODS) as follows:

  1. Click the win2008 tab and power it on.

    This is the Windows AD server and provides DNS services for the exercises.

  2. When the Windows server is running, log in as user Administrator with password novellfilr.

  3. Click the win7-win tab and power on the exercise workstation VM.

  4. Log in as user admin with password novellfilr.

  5. Click the filr-win VM and power it on.

    The Filr appliance is automatically configured with settings found in two files in the filr_win_h-o-autoinst.iso image file:

    • vaauto.conf: Sets the passwords, network configuration, disk assignments, and so on.

    • appliance.conf: Configures the appliance as an all-in-one, small deployment installation, and sets up communications between the Filr and MySQL servers running in the appliance.

    For more information on automatically installing Filr appliances, see Installing Filr in Silent Mode in the Novell Filr 1.1 Installation and Configuration Guide.

  6. When the filr-win login: terminal prompt displays on the Filr console, continue with Section 7.0, Administering Filr.