9.0 Upgrading Filr

Before upgrading your appliances, you must do the following. Failure to complete these steps can result in a non-functional Filr system.

  1. Ensure that /vastorage Points to an Appliance-Based, Non-NFS Data Disk: Ensure that the existing appliance’s data storage location (/vastorage) points a separate appliance-based hard disk (as described in Section B.0, Migrating /vastorage from NFS to a Hard Disk).

    When you point the new appliance to the existing appliance’s data storage location, the new appliance detects that you intend to do an upgrade. The appliance carries forward the appropriate configuration data from the old appliance.

  2. Plan to Create an Empty, Unformatted Appliance-Based Disk for /var: For each appliance you are upgrading, you must plan to create a third disk for storing system event log files.

  3. Fully Patch All OES 11 SP1 Target Servers: If you have OES 11 SP1 file servers that host Filr Net Folders or Personal Storage Home folders, you must ensure that all OES 11 SP1 servers have at least the December 2012 Scheduled Maintenance Update applied.

    This updates the NCP server to a newer version that is capable of keeping up with the increased service requests of Filr 1.1.

    Failure to update your OES 11 SP1 servers can cause the configured eDirectory (LDAP) servers to fail.

  4. Do Not Attempt to Migrate from Small to Large: If you have a small, all-in-one deployment, and you need a large, separate-appliance deployment, you must install new appliances.

  5. Do Not Attempt to Migrate from Large to a Large Cluster: If you have a large non-clustered deployment, and you need a large clustered deployment, you must install a new system. (The shared storage location, /vashare, must be configured during the initial installation.)

    Or, contact Novell Consulting to assist you with the migration.

  6. Do Not Attempt to Upgrade Directly from Filr 1.0 to Filr 1.1: Upgrading from Filr 1.0 to Filr 1.1 is not supported. You must first upgrade to Filr 1.0.1, and then to Filr 1.1.

  7. Plan to Upgrade All Filr and Search Appliances: You must plan to upgrade all of the Filr and search index appliances to version 1.1. You cannot run varying versions of the Filr and search index appliances in a large deployment. (While it is possible to upgrade the Filr and search index appliances without upgrading the MySQL database appliance, it is also a good idea to upgrade the MySQL database appliance to the latest version.)

    For example, if you upgrade one Filr appliance in a cluster to version 1.1, then all of the Filr appliances in the cluster, as well as any search index appliances, must also be upgraded to version 1.1.

  8. Plan to Meet All Hardware and Software Requirements: See Section 1.2, Filr System Requirements.

  9. Continue with the upgrade process: After the above steps are met, continue with Section 9.2, Copying the Appliance Data Storage Location to Prepare for the Upgrade.

The following video walks you through the process for upgrading from Filr 1.0.1 to Filr 1.1: