13.2 Net Folder Synchronization Detail Overview

Figure 13-2 Net Folder Synchronization



Full Net Folder synchronizations occur according to individual Net Folder schedules, or if no schedule is defined for the Net Folder, then they occur according to the associated Net Folder Server’s synchronization schedule.

If no schedule is set, then it falls to Filr administrators to manually synchronize them.

When a Net Folder Synchronization is triggered, the Filr appliance connects to the specified Net Folder location on the target file server.

Filr then walks the directory structure, collecting meta data (name, size, dates, ACL information, etc.) about each folder and file as it goes.

Filr stores the collected meta data in the SQL database.

Then Filr sends the folder and file names and ACL information to each Filr Search appliance to be indexed.

This makes it possible for users to search for folder and file names, provided that they have sufficient rights on the file system to see them.

The majority of Net Folder synchronization work occurs on the File appliance.