4.8 Completing the Cluster Setup

  1. In your browser, access the Filr Administration Utility on the Filr appliance by entering the following URL:


    Where IP_Address is the IP address of a Filr appliance.

  2. Log in as user admin with password admin.

  3. Change the admin user password.

  4. Click admin > Administration Console.

  5. In the left frame under Search Index, click Nodes.

    Observe that both Filr Search appliances are listed. The first is running Read and Write and the second is running Write Only.

  6. Close the dialog and select Index in the left frame.

  7. Select Re-Index Everything, select the second, write-only Filrsearch2 appliance, then click OK.

    Indexing should complete with no errors.

  8. Click Close.

  9. In the left frame, click Nodes.

  10. Change the User Mode Access option for the Filrsearch2 appliance to Read and Write.