18.2 Creating a New Local User

You can manually create users on the Filr site, rather than synchronizing user information from an LDAP directory. Users created in this way are local users, and are not added to your LDAP directory. For more information about synchronizing users with an LDAP directory, see Section 18.1, Synchronizing Users and Groups from an LDAP Directory.

To create a local Filr user:

  1. Log in to Filr as the Filr administrator.

    1. Launch a web browser.

    2. Specify one of the following URLs, depending on whether you are using a secure SSL connection:


      Replace Filr_hostname with the host name or fully qualified domain name of the Filr server that you have set up in DNS.

      Depending on how you have configured your Filr system, you might not be required to enter the port number in the URL. If you are using NetIQ Access Manager, the Filr login screen is not used.

  2. Click the admin link in the upper-right corner of the page, then click the Administration Console icon .

  3. In the Management section, click Users.

  4. Click New.

    The User page is displayed.

  5. Provide the user’s information in the User page, then click OK.