1.13 Enabling Logging of All HTTPS Traffic

By default, non-https logging is always enabled on the appliance. (For information about how to access the Filr log file, see Section 28.3, Using the Filr Log File.)

The option to Enable host access logging can be enabled in addition to regular Filr logging. When this option is enabled, a single file is generated that contains log information for all https traffic. If this file grows too large, disable this option.

To configure the Filr system to create a single log file that contains log information for all https traffic:

  1. Follow the steps in Section 1.1, Changing Configuration Options for the Filr Appliance.

  2. Select Enable host access logging.

  3. Click Reconfigure Filr Server for your changes to take effect.

    This stops and restarts your Filr server. Because this results in server downtime, you should restart the server at off-peak hours.