4.10 Changing the Java JDK Configuration Settings

  1. Follow the steps in Section 4.1, Changing Configuration Options for the Filr Appliance.

    You can modify the following configuration options:

    Java Home: Displays the path to the JavaHome variable. This cannot be changed.

    JVM Heap Size: The default JVM heap size is 4 GB. You can increase or decrease this value as needed.

    The JVM heap size must end with g or m, and it cannot contain fractional values. For example, if you want your JVM heap size to be 1.5 GB, you must specify 1536m.

  2. Click Reconfigure Filr Server for your changes to take effect.

    NOTE:This stops and restarts your Filr server. Because this results in server downtime, you should restart the server at off-peak hours.