3.1 Understanding NetWare Support Packs

NetWare Support Packs contain updates for components contained in the NetWare 6.5 product. The purpose of a Support Pack is to provide a bundle of fixes that have all been tested together. The files have undergone component testing, core OS testing, internationalization testing, and integration testing with other Novell products.

The latest Support Pack for NetWare 6.5 is Support Pack 8. During the installation of this Support Pack, the following events occur:

IMPORTANT:If you install products from an earlier version of the NetWare 6.5 CDs or install other Novell products after installing the latest Support Pack, you must reinstall the NetWare 6.5 Support Pack to ensure that you have all of the applicable updates.

For example, if you install a Novell product such as BorderManager™ after installing the Support Pack, some BorderManager files might be overwritten by an older version and some features, like Virtual Private Networking (VPN), might not function. Reinstalling the latest NetWare 6.5 Support Pack ensures that all files are at the correct version level.

For more information on Support Pack issues, see the “NetWare Issues” section of the NW 6.5 SP8: Readme.