3.4 Creating a Broker

The Broker is an eDirectory object. Only one Broker is required on a network but, depending on your network configuration, you can create additional Brokers. The fewer Brokers running, the better, because you do not have to track which Broker has which printer drivers. This configuration allows the Print Manager to connect directly with each Broker without sending data across the network.

If you are unable to place a Broker on each server running a Print Manager, you want your Brokers sufficiently well distributed so that your brokered services (Service Registry Service, Event Notification Service, and Resource Management Service) are readily available on the system when needed. Each eDirectory tree should have at least one Broker.

To minimize traffic across a WAN link, you might want one Broker running at each physical WAN location.

  1. In Novell iManager, click iPrint > Create Broker.

  2. Fill in the fields.

    Click Help for explanations about the fields.

  3. Click OK.

  4. To autoload the Broker when you bring up the server, add the following line to your server’s autoexec.ncf file:

    load broker Broker_name_and_context

    For example:

    load broker .broker1.corp.my_company

To modify the Broker properties, click Manage Broker, then select the Broker you want to modify.