2.2 Setting Up SSH at Workstations

To access files using SSH commands from a workstation:

  1. Download and run an SSH-compliant client.

    Here is a list of some SSH-compliant clients that you could run:

    • SUSE® Linux openssh-clients package (tested with NetWare 6.5)

    • Red Hat* Linux openssh-clients package (tested with NetWare 6.5)

    • PuTTy (tested with NetWare 6.5)

    • Absolute Telnet

    • MindTerm

    You can get these clients from open source software sites on the Internet such as SourceForge.

    NOTE:Terminal should be configured for VT100 emulation when using SSH command line utilities.

  2. In any of the clients, change the Window Row setting from the default to a value greater than 25.

After SSH is set up on the server and at the users’ workstations, you can use different SSH commands and utilities to:

For information on using the SSH commands and utilities, see Section 3.0, Using SSH Commands.