2.5 Activating and Deactivating a Hard Disk

Use this procedure to determine the operating status of your disk subsystem components and to activate or deactivate a storage device. (When you deactivate a disk, its volumes are dismounted.)

  1. From the Monitor utility, select Available Options > Storage Devices.

    For instructions, see MONITOR in the NW 6.5 SP8: Utilities Reference.

    This reports a list of Registered Storage Objects. The device information associated with a selected storage device appears in the upper window. You can verify the type of storage device in the Device Type field.

    Storage devices are listed in hierarchical order to reflect each object’s dependencies. In descending order, each object is indented to indicate that it is a child to the object above it. In ascending order, parent objects appear immediately above the selected object.

  2. Select the appropriate hard disk from the list.

    The Drive Status window appears. The Operating Status field indicates whether the device is activated or deactivated.

  3. Press Enter to access the Operating Status options.

  4. To change the operating status of the disk, select either Activate or Deactivate, then press Enter.

    If you attempt to deactivate a disk that has mounted volumes, you receive a confirmation prompt. If you confirm that you want to deactivate the disk, the volumes are dismounted.

  5. Press Esc until you return to Available Options.