2.1 Viewing a List of Adapters and Devices

In iManager

  1. Log in to iManager by entering the following URL in a Web browser:


    Replace server.example.com with the actual DNS name or IP address of your iManager server.

  2. In Roles and Tasks, click Storage > Devices.

  3. Click the Object Browser icon, then select the server you want to manage.

    When the page refreshes, a list of devices on the selected server appears in the Devices list.

  4. Select a device, then do one of the following:

    • If a single adapter is available, view adapter information in the Details area.

    • If multiple host bus adapters are available, click Multipath.

      When the page refreshes, list of adapters appears in the Adapters list.

For details, see Managing Devices in the OES 2 SP1: NSS File System Administration Guide.

In Novell Remote Manager for NetWare

Log in to Novell® Remote Manager for NetWare®, then click Manage Hardware > Disk/LAN Adapters.

For information, see Viewing Storage and Network Adapter Information in the NW 6.5 SP8: Novell Remote Manager Administration Guide.

At Your Server Console

Depending on what task you want to perform, use one of these methods: