14.3 Cannot Re-Create a DFS Management Context on a Container

When attempting to create a DFS management context on a container that had previously been a management context, you might get the following error:

Error:  Storage Error
servername.ou_context.o_context: Could not add the replica site to the new management context. -603 - eDirectory Error - Object attribute does not exist.

This error can occur if you previously deleted a DFS management context with multiple VLDB replicas. It is related to Novell eDirectory™ synchronization and occurs randomly.

When a DFS management context is created on an O or OU container object, two attributes are added to its container object in eDirectory:

When you delete the management context, if an eDirectory synchronization happens to be interrupted for any reason, the DFS-VLDB-Hosts attribute is deleted but the VLDB-BackEnd-ID is not. When you next try to create a management context again on the same container, the service finds the VLDB-BackEnd-ID attribute and assumes it is already a management context. Then it tries to add the replica servers to the DFS-VLDB-Hosts attribute, which it expects to be present. When it does not find the attribute, it returns a -603 eDirectory error.

To resolve this problem you should remove the old VLDB-Backend-ID attribute, then try again to create the DFS management context.

To remove the old VLDB-Backend ID attribute from the O or OU container:

  1. In iManager, select Directory Administration > Modify Object.

  2. Select the O or OU container that you chose for the DFS management context.

  3. On the Properties page, click Other.

  4. Select the VLDB-Backend-ID attribute, click Delete, then confirm the delete.

Now you should be able to create a DFS management context on the container.