7.11 Moving a User’s Home Directory to a Different Partition (Linux)

You can move a user’s home directory to a new partition on the Linux server without losing current configurations, rights, and so on. The following procedure assumes that the home directories reside on Linux file systems such as Ext3 or Reiser.

  1. Log in to the server as the root user.

  2. Move the user’s home directory to the new location.

  3. Assign the user as the owner of the new location and everything under it by entering:

    chown -R username /newlocation/username

    Replace username with the user’s Linux username. Replace /newlocation/username with the new path to the user’s home directory.

  4. Point the user’s home environment to the new location.

    1. In YaST, click User Management > Edit > Details > Home Directory.

    2. Type the path to the new location.

    3. Save the changes.