7.12 Creating a Fake Root Directory with the Map Root Command

If your application must be installed at the root, load the files in a directory, then use the map root command in the login script to designate the directory as a fake root directory. For information about using the map command in a login script, see the Novell Login Scripts Guide.

For example, suppose you want to install a word processing application, named mywpapp, on the apps: volume, and it requires a root directory installation. You do not want to put the application in the apps: volume’s root directory for security reasons. Instead, you install the application in the apps:wpapps\mywpapp subdirectory. In the Novell Client login script for users of the application, you use the map root command to map the subdirectory to the K: drive as a fake root:

map root s16:=k:=apps:wpapps\mywpapp

To change the fake root back to the original root, remap the drive.

NOTE:You cannot use the DOS Change Directory (cd) command at the fake root to return to the original root.