1.4 NetWare Traditional File System

The NetWare Traditional file system provides legacy storage and file system management for Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 NetWare (same as NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 7).

You can optionally use NetWare Traditional volumes in combination with NSS volumes on NetWare when you are using the NCP protocol. However, if you are planning to implement Apple* Filing Protocol* (AFP), Network File System (NFS), or Common Internet File System (CIFS) for your NetWare server, you must use NSS for your system volume and for any data volumes that use any protocols other than NCP. For information, see the NW 6.5 SP8: AFP, CIFS, and NFS (NFAP) Administration Guide.

For information, see the NW6.5 SP8: Traditional File System Administration Guide.