C.3 Upgrading Legacy NSS Volumes

Follow this procedure to copy and upgrade your legacy NSS volumes to OES NetWare NSS volumes after you have upgraded the operating system to OES NetWare. When you upgrade the operating system of a NetWare 5.x server to an OES NetWare server, the NSS volumes are not automatically upgraded and do not function until you upgrade them.

If you upgrade your server from NetWare 6.0 to NetWare 6.5 or OES NetWare, the NSS media format upgrade occurs automatically in the background as you use the volume. Typically, this can take up to 21 days, depending on the number of files you have on the volume and whether you are using compression.There are no negative performance implications for this gradual conversion.

IMPORTANT:You do not need to manually upgrade legacy NSS volumes in clusters after an upgrade. The cluster automatically calls nss /zlssvolumeupgrade to perform the upgrade.

  1. View and verify the time stamp.

    Before you upgrade NSS volumes, you must ensure that Novell eDirectory™ is running properly; otherwise, the upgrade process might remove your trustee assignments. To ensure that eDirectory is running, you need to verify the time stamp for the backlink process.

    1. Open iMonitor in a network browser by entering the IP address of the server followed by /nds.

      For example: 
    2. Click Agent Process Status > External Reference Status.

    3. Make sure the time stamp (under the Time column) shows a time later than the time you began the upgrade to OES NetWare. Specifically, look for the time stamp when eDirectory unloaded during the upgrade.

      IMPORTANT:If the time stamp shows a time earlier than when you began the upgrade to OES NetWare, the backlink process is not complete. Do not upgrade your existing Netware 5 NSS volumes until the backlink is complete.

      The following graphic provides an example of the time stamp.

      Example of a Time Stamp
  2. At the server console, enter one of the following:

    • nss /zlssvolumeupgrade=all

      Specify all to upgrade all the NetWare 5 volumes on the selected server.

    • nss /zlssvolumeupgrade=volumename

      Specify the volume to upgrade one of the NetWare 5 volumes on the selected server.

After you upgrade the volumes, use the Mount All command to mount all of the volumes. You can also mount the volumes individually.