A.39 Status Commands

Enter the following commands in a server console to show the status of various NSS parameters.


Displays the NSS volume compression statistics on the compression screen.

nss /pools, Pools

Lists all of the NSS pools that are currently available on the server.


Displays load-time policies for pools on the server.

nss /status, Status

Lists the current NSS status information.

nss /volumes, Volumes

Lists all of the NSS volumes that are currently mounted and active, including the _admin volume.


Displays load-time policies for volumes on the server.


Lists the amount of space on active pools and their associated volumes.


Lists the amount of available space that has not been assigned to a pool.

nss /ErrorCode=code

Translates and describes the specified error code.


Lists the providers, loadable storage subsystems, and semantic agents.


Displays the version information for NSS.