29.3 Using METAMIG to Save and Restore Trustee Information on NSS and Linux POSIX File Systems (Linux)

The metamig utility allows you to save and restore trustee information for NSS volumes. You can also restore trustee information for any NCP™ volume that was backed up as raw data with a third-party backup application. For information, see Section B.8, METAMIG (Linux).

For OES Linux, the NCP Server allows you to create NCP volumes for Linux POSIX file systems. NSS volumes are NCP volumes by default. You can assign trustees and trustee rights for NCP volumes based on Linux file systems just as you do for NSS volumes. The trustee information is located in a hidden file on the volume rather than being integrated in the volume. When you use a third-party backup application to backup files as raw data, the trustee file is also backed up as raw data. You can use the metamig -ncp option to restore trustee information for NCP volumes on OES Linux that use the NSS file system or Linux POSIX file systems.

For information about creating NCP volumes, see Managing NCP Volumes in the OES 2 SP2: NCP Server for Linux Administration Guide.