30.7 Configuring NSS Extended System Memory

Extended system memory (ESM) is the memory above 4 GB. By default, NSS on NetWare servers uses 80% of the ESM to cache user data for files greater than 128 KB in size. Only files with an End-of-File (EOF) files size greater than or equal to 128KB can be stored by ESM. To use ESM, the LSS must call it. ESM is called only by ZLSS and the cddvd LSSs. For example, large DOSFAT files are not stored in ESM memory.

nss /Above4GigMemoryPercent=value

Specifies the percentage of extended system memory used. This value can be set only at initialization time by adding the Above4GigMemoryPercent option in the nssstart.cfg file of your NetWare server.

For example:

nss /Above4GigMemoryPercent=90

Additional NSS command line options for managing NSS usage of ESM are:

nss /TrackESMCachePerf

Enables monitoring of the NSS ESM.

nss /NoTrackESMCachePerf

Disables monitoring of the NSS ESM.

nss /ESMCachePerf

Prints the statistics for NSS ESM.