A.44 ZID Commands

Use the commands in this section to manage the file numbering, or ZIDs, of files on an NSS volume.

nss /ZIDNameSpace=namespace

Specify the name space (DOS, Long, Macintosh, or UNIX) the command /ZIDToFileName should use.

nss /ZIDtoFilename=ZIDnumber

For a specified ZID, reports the file’s full path and filename for a given volume and name space. Use only with /ZIDVolumeName and /ZIDNameSpace to provide context for the command.

nss /ZIDVolumeName=volumename

The volume name the command /ZIDToFileName should use.


Use this option only with the pool rebuild options (the ravsui utility on Linux or nss /poolrebuild on NetWare) to enable or disable the rebuild to reZID the volume(s) in the pool that is being rebuilt.

Default: Off

Range: On or Off


For guidelines and instructions for how to use the ReZID option with pool rebuild commands, see Section 17.3, ReZIDing Volumes in an NSS Pool.