24.8 Using NSS Commands to Configure and Monitor Compression

NSS offers the following commands for configuring and monitoring compression. Enter the commands at the server console. On Linux, issue the commands from nsscon.

Table 24-9 Compression Management Commands



nss /Compression=volume_name 

Enables the Compression attribute for the specified volume.

nss /Compression=all

Enables the Compression attribute for all volumes on the server.

nss /StopNormalCompression

Stops all queued compression for files, based on the compression triggered by a file open or close.

nss /BGCompression

Allows compression to occur in the background at any time, instead of only within specified hours.

nss /NoBGCompression

Stops background compression. Allow compression to occur only within the specified hours.

nss /CompScreen 

Displays the NSS volume compression statistics on the compression screen.