16.7 Viewing Pools on a Server

  1. In iManager, click Storage > Pools.

    For instructions, see Section 9.1.3, Accessing Roles and Tasks in iManager.

  2. Select a server to manage.

    For instructions, see Section 9.1.4, Selecting a Server to Manage.

    When the page refreshes, a list of pools appears in the Pools list. Depending on the number of pools, this can take a few seconds. Avoid clicking again in the page until it refreshes and displays the Pools list.

  3. If the pool is not in the list, you might need supply the pool name.

    For Linux, EVMS discovers and mounts pools at system startup. If you later create and mount a pool from the command line, EVMS does not find the pool and that pool does not show up in the list. You must repeat this process if you dismount the manually created pool at any time. Alternately, you can continue to manage the pool from the command line.

    To help EVMS discover a pool not in the list:

    1. Click Mount.

    2. Type the pool name, then click OK.

      There is no search function to find the pool; you must supply the pool name.