B.23 VERIFY (NetWare)

Use VERIFY to validate all blocks in an NSS pool. The VERIFY option fixes an NSS pool and its volumes by searching for inconsistent data blocks or other errors. This utility indicates if there are problems with the file system. If there are no problems with the pool, it is safe to activate the pool.

NOTE:This utility protects against system failures only, not hardware failures.

B.23.1 Syntax

The poolverify command is a read-only assessment of the pool. At the server console, enter

nss /poolverify=[poolname]

If you do not enter the NSS poolname parameter, you are prompted to select it.

During the verification process, the NSS pool and its volumes are placed in maintenance mode. This means the NSS pool and the volumes on it are unusable until this process is finished, and the pool is activated and mounted.

If errors are found, they are reported to the screen, and the NSS pool is left in maintenance mode. Run REBUILD until no errors are found.

B.23.2 Starting and Using VERIFY

Use VERIFY at the command line.

NOTE:Always back up your data. If an NSS pool uses several hard disks and one of the hard disks becomes corrupted, you must create a new NSS pool, then restore its NSS volumes from backup.

  1. Load NSS.

  2. Verify your rebuilt NSS pool, by entering

    nss /poolverify=[poolname]

    If you do not enter the NSS pool name parameter, you are prompted to select it.

    Verifying a pool can take a up to a few hours, depending on the size of the pool.

  3. Check the output screen.

    This screen indicates the time elapsed, the time remaining, the total elapsed time, the number of objects processed, etc.