B.3 CDDVD (NetWare)

Use at the server console to allow a CD or DVD disk to function as a read-only Novell Storage Services (NSS) volume. Immediately mounts the NSS volume. This function does not apply to Linux servers, because Linux mounts CDs and DVDs as Linux POSIX volumes.

This version of cddvd.nss replaces other CD modules used in previous NetWare releases. The NetWare 6 version of this module is cdrom.nlm and should be used only for NetWare 6 installation because cdrom loads the nss module, cd9660.nss, and cdhfs.nss, and these modules are not needed in NetWare 6.5. The NetWare 5 version was named cdinst.nlm and should be used only for NetWare 5 installation.

B.3.1 Syntax


B.3.2 Notes

  • Supports CD and DVD volumes mounted with the Macintosh and ISO 9660 name spaces

  • Supports High Sierra, ISO 9660, and HFS (Apple) file system formats