B.24 VOLUMES (Linux, NCP Utility)

Use this utility at the ncpcon (NCP Console utility) prompt (Linux) to list mounted volumes or information about a specified volume. For information about the NSS volumes command, see Section A.42.2, Volumes Command.

B.24.1 Syntax



volume name
nvpcon volume name

Displays details about the specified volume. Linux is case-senstive, so make sure that you enter the volume name in all caps, such as

volume VOL1
ncpcon volumes

Displays general information about all mounted volumes.

B.24.2 Using VOLUMES

When you execute VOLUMES at the ncpcon prompt, a list of the mounted volumes is displayed.

For example, on Linux, a simple list of volumes is displayed:

Mounted Volumes
5 volumes mounted.

B.24.3 Using VOLUME Name

When you execute volume name, the screen displays detailed information about the specific volume.

The following is an example of the output on Linux in response to entering volume USERS at the ncpcon prompt, or entering ncpcon volume USERS at the terminal console prompt:

            Volume: USERS
            Status: online mounted NSS "user quotas" "directory quotas" salvageable
       Mount point: /media/nss/USERS
Shadow Mount point: (null)
          Capacity: 8.83 GB
                ID: 4
              GUID: 9a894a30-70a3-01dd-80-00-32b3b21ae612
         Pool Name: POOL1