Use at the server console to do the following:

Mirror Status can be used on any NetWare mirror, regardless of type as long as all the partition types in the mirror match. This includes NSS, TRAD, SBD, and iSCSI devices and any other NetWare partition types that are mirrored.

B.9.1 Syntax

MIRROR STATUS [logical_partition_number]

B.9.2 Option



(no option)

Displays a list of all logical disk partitions with their mirrored status.


Displays the partition’s mirrored status and the devices that make up the members of the mirror group.

B.9.3 Status Messages

The possible status messages are described in the following table.



Being remirrored

Remirroring is in progress; the percent completed is displayed.

Fully synchronized

The mirrored partitions have the same data. Remirroring is complete.

Not mirrored

Disk mirroring was not set up for this partition. It has no mirrored partner.

Orphaned state

A partition has been removed from a mirrored group, and the volumes on the partition have not been renamed. These volumes cannot be mounted unless they are renamed or remirrored.

Out of synchronization

The partition is out of synchronization with its mirrored partners and for some reason cannot be resynchronized.