B.11 NCOPY (NetWare)

The ncopy command is a legacy DOS utility that provides two attributes to specify your intention for copying a compressed file to a compressed volume or a non-compressed volume.

NCOPY is client-side application, not a server-side application. Install the Novell Client for Windows on your workstation, then use the Novell Map Network Drive option in the client menu to map a local drive letter to the volume or directory you want to manage. Open a DOS Command Prompt window, go to the mapped drive, then issue the ncopy command from the command line. You can also run a GUI version of NCOPY from the Novell Client by selecting NetWare Utilities > NetWare Copy, then following the instructions.

B.11.1 Syntax



ncopy /R 

Retain compression on supported media.

ncopy /R/

Retain compression on unsupported media.